Apr 29, 2015

20 ways... to reuse every day plastic garbage

I've now been in the US for about a month and I am shocked over and over again about how much of plastic garbage one "has to produce" every day. I am using "has to" because there is no way one could avoid all the plastic that is used. You "have to" buy most of the food in plastic bags or packaging, you "have to" buy drinking water in plastic containers, you "have to" eat your food with plastic cutlery because there is no other available. Of course some of this could be sidestepped but only with a huge effort and most people (me included) would never think of for example bringing their own cutlery to a restaurant or bring their own containers for take-out food.

Anyhow, there are many, many ways to at least reuse the unavoidable plastic containers/bags/packaging a few times before throwing them out.

A few of my ideas I have already incorporated in our daily life, such as:
reusing plastic bags as waste bin liner, to keep bread fresh, as batting for packages, to store food in the fridge
reusing vegetable/fruit packaging as a piggy bank (you could even get a little crafty and decorate it)
reusing food containers to store other food/odds and ends in
reusing water bottles as planters for herbs and other small plants
reusing take-out containers as planters

Xoxo, have a great week!

Apr 22, 2015

History of the Eagles Live in Concert

I am so excited! I will go see the concert of the Eagles in Bakesfield, CA this May! Ever since I got accepted for the project that I moved to California for, I wanted to see at least one memorable concert. And I always had the Eagles in the back of my mind because I had been a big fan for quite a few years now and I knew there would be a great chance they would perform somewhere near San Francisco.

I just love the way Tequila Sunrise reminds me of holidays spent on the beach, watching the waves roll in and enjoying the sun on my body. Or Desperado, which always makes me feel a little melancholic.

This will be the first real concert I ever went to and I get that tingly feeling of excitement whenever I think about it :)

And because it's such a classic, here's Hotel California by the Eagles for you:

Xoxo, have a great week!