Jun 3, 2015

60 15 - Month No. 5, 6, 7 & 8

I have been rather lax with the 60 tasks in 15 months challenge these past few months and have not been able to tick off too many tasks. But as it's been a few months since I last gave you an update I feel like it would be great to take a look at what's changed.
Since I have moved to the US in March, a few of the tasks I set for myself are no longer doable. I have not yet come up with new tasks for all the ones I had to discard, but decided to wait for a flash of inspiration and will continue working on the list then.

Soooo, these are the discarded tasks:
No 3. 15 visits to a sauna - no need for saunas in sunny California
No 5. censored
No 11. visit grandma 20 times - she's still in Austria
No 12. invite my family for a house warming party - not living in that apartment anymore
No 13. have a game night with my friends from the dance class
No 20. have a dinner/game night with my boyfriend's brothers - we had one, but could not squeeze the second one in before moving
No 24. declutter and organize my jewelry - I didn't take all of it with me
No 26. buy a carpet to go with the wing chair - don't live in that apartment anymore, won't be using the chair for quite some time
No 28. clean the doors in the apartment - did not make it before moving
No 30. finally plant spider plant cuttlings - hopefully they'll survive in their water glasses until I return next year
No 36. go 200 days without using my car - impossible in the US
No 44 + No 45. get at least 25 ects credits at university + work out digital filing system - obviously university has to wait for a few more years
No 50. visit London - will visit some other city
No 59. sort through my hand bags and sell/give away unused ones - I didn't take all of them with me

Now, let's talk about the tasks I finished.
First of all, I went to the opera with my mum to see Evita, that ticks off task No. 32. Just before we moved to the US, I managed to declutter and clean out our bathroom cabinet (No. 22) and wash all the windows in the apartment (No. 27). I felt like I had to do that as a colleague of ours was to move into our apartment while we are away.

I also went to eat a cupcake from Take the Cake (No. 40), but was disappointed because it wasn't anything like I expected it to be.

Once we got to the US we went to see a game of the San Francisco Giants, which I will count for task No. 31. We also already made a road trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, which finishes off task No. 52.

How are you doing working on your resolutions/tasks for 2015?

Xoxo, have a great week!

Apr 29, 2015

20 ways... to reuse every day plastic garbage

I've now been in the US for about a month and I am shocked over and over again about how much of plastic garbage one "has to produce" every day. I am using "has to" because there is no way one could avoid all the plastic that is used. You "have to" buy most of the food in plastic bags or packaging, you "have to" buy drinking water in plastic containers, you "have to" eat your food with plastic cutlery because there is no other available. Of course some of this could be sidestepped but only with a huge effort and most people (me included) would never think of for example bringing their own cutlery to a restaurant or bring their own containers for take-out food.

Anyhow, there are many, many ways to at least reuse the unavoidable plastic containers/bags/packaging a few times before throwing them out.

A few of my ideas I have already incorporated in our daily life, such as:
reusing plastic bags as waste bin liner, to keep bread fresh, as batting for packages, to store food in the fridge
reusing vegetable/fruit packaging as a piggy bank (you could even get a little crafty and decorate it)
reusing food containers to store other food/odds and ends in
reusing water bottles as planters for herbs and other small plants
reusing take-out containers as planters

Xoxo, have a great week!