Oct 9, 2012

Long-distance relationship II

Remember Mr. French? The one who promised me countless massages and who I had successfully convinced to at least try a long-distance relationship when I had to go back after my internship ended.

But a few weeks before I had to leave for uni he came to my place and, after a few minutes of small talk he just announced: 'I don't want a long-distance relationship'. At first I was real calm and it seemed I would be able to take it like that, I even tried to comfort him, because he seemed a bit shattered.
That's when I broke down, too. I cried and simply couldn't understand why he would do that to us. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't try at least. He was so sweet and stayed for over an hour trying to comfort me, but I knew I'd never calm down as long as he was there, so I felt like I had to send him away.

Before he left he asked me to stay friends - I know, people say that all the time when they break up, but I had the feeling he meant it. So, after a few weeks we made an attempt at staying friends and met for dinner and drinks. At first it was kind of awkward and we didn't really know what to talk about, but in the end I felt like it had been a nice evening and I started to believe that we could actually stay friends.

Xoxo, try to enjoy what you have as long as it's still there.


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