May 30, 2012

Missing you

It has been such beautiful weather the last days - beautiful couple weather as I call it. Unfortunately my sweet french guy is on a two-week vacation in the US. Not enough that he's gone for two weeks, a whole ocean separating us, it kills me that we can't enjoy the first real summer days of the year together. I wish we could go to the park, enjoy the sun and each other. I wish we could go for a stroll to the ice cream parlor round the corner, holding hands and taking in this feeling of joy one only has on the first few summer days. The same way all the other happy couples, that I come across all day, do.

Missing him so much makes me think. It makes me ask myself if it is ok to grow attached to someone so fast - after all, we've met a bit more than five weeks ago. Is it normal to miss him so much after this short span of time? I am aware - from my own experiences, that it isn't the best idea to get too attached to someone after such a short time, but I am just so happy that I finally found someone who I like and who likes me - considering it's been a while since someone had an honest interest in being with me.

Xoxo, let's hope my french sweetie proves himself worth missing!

May 15, 2012

My side, your side

Remember how I was going on about wanting to feel safe in someone's arms, having someone waiting for me at home and dreaming of falling asleep right next to Prince Charming?

So, I've met this cute french guy at a friend's party and we ended up kissing drunkenly. After that I didn't really expect him to call or anything - considering we where both wasted, but he actually called me the next day and asked me out on a date. We spent a really nice evening together and I enjoyed being with him very much, so we ended up going back to my place and him spending the night.
Problem is, he's a very "cuddly" guy. He would scoot over all the time, hold me in his arms and make a lot of body contact. Don't get me wrong, it was lovely, I really enjoyed it - after all, that is what I've been dreaming of since I have been single again. However, as I've been single for quite some time now, I am not used to having someone right next to me anymore. So I ended up turning and tossing all the time and waking him up every time I moved. Let me say, we didn't get too much sleep that night. And the second night. And not because we where having passionate sex all night.

I kept feeling really bad because all I wanted to do was to tell him to just get the hell over to "his" side of the bed and give me some space to sleep, but I really didn't want to hurt him. Last night I finally plucked up the courage to tell him, in a Dirty Dancing kind of way - like: This is my space, that is your space. I don't get into yours and you don't get into mine. With a few (or a lot) exceptions, of course. And voilà, it worked out well. We kept holding hands all night, but also got some rest.
And he didn't seem to be hurt at all - if he was, he concealed it well, but I already know that he needs at least as much sleep as I do, so it might not have been the worst decision to make. Although he kept teasing me whenever I tried to steal a kiss from him and had to cross the "border".

Xoxo, sometimes you just have to invent new rules - if only to break them later!