May 30, 2012

Missing you

It has been such beautiful weather the last days - beautiful couple weather as I call it. Unfortunately my sweet french guy is on a two-week vacation in the US. Not enough that he's gone for two weeks, a whole ocean separating us, it kills me that we can't enjoy the first real summer days of the year together. I wish we could go to the park, enjoy the sun and each other. I wish we could go for a stroll to the ice cream parlor round the corner, holding hands and taking in this feeling of joy one only has on the first few summer days. The same way all the other happy couples, that I come across all day, do.

Missing him so much makes me think. It makes me ask myself if it is ok to grow attached to someone so fast - after all, we've met a bit more than five weeks ago. Is it normal to miss him so much after this short span of time? I am aware - from my own experiences, that it isn't the best idea to get too attached to someone after such a short time, but I am just so happy that I finally found someone who I like and who likes me - considering it's been a while since someone had an honest interest in being with me.

Xoxo, let's hope my french sweetie proves himself worth missing!


  1. Cute story ^^. I hope you meet your french boy soon honey =)

    1. Thanks Vanesa, fortunately he is back now... :)
      And being with him feels better than ever :D

      xoxo Lari


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