Dec 18, 2011

Presents, Presents, Presents

As Christmas is approaching really fast, I thought, this time I’d write about my favorite DIY presents for all of us, who – like me – don’t want to spend too much money on their Christmas presents, but of course want them to be special and personalised.

So, here are my favorites: (for most of them you will find helpful tutorials on Youtube)
- Home-made candles: this is really easy and also cheap as you can use old candles you already have at home
- Customized calendars: these are perfect for grandparents or parents
- Make your own soap
- Home-made marmalade or jelly, you can even invent your own tastes and combinations
- bake your own Christmas cookies

Xoxo, have fun trying out these ideas!

Dec 8, 2011

It’s Christmas time

Only a bit more than two weeks to go until it will be the one evening every child looks forward to during the whole year. The day, when it’s going to turn out if the kids have been nice enough throughout the year to receive a lot of magnificent Christmas presents.

For me, the last weeks before Christmas are some of the most wonderful weeks of the year. These weeks, full of enjoyable rush to decorate the home and the Christmas tree, to pick out the right Christmas presents for the beloved, wrapping and hiding them, shopping for a beautiful outfit for the Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve, baking delicious Christmas biscuits and just enjoying the cozy and festive atmosphere.

Love is all around, especially at Christmas, and it is so rewarding to give and receive love – maybe even the love of your life. So, enjoy this magnificent time with your friends and family and keep your eyes open for the One.

Xoxo and Merry Christmas!

Dec 1, 2011

Search for Love

Isn't there a time in every girl's life when she does something only in order to "find love", like Carrie says, when asked, why she moved to NYC? Aren't there times when every girl vows to herself that she is done with love once and for all when she has been heart broken for what feels the hundredth time? Times, when a girl swears that she is never going to cry because of a man again?

However, I am sure that, no matter how often a girl's heart had been broken and had to be mended by lot's of kind words and boxes of chocolate, every girl is about to find her Mister Big. Sometimes it only takes a short while to find him, at times it takes a slightly longer journey to be in for the biggest treat on earth - a girl's personal Prince Charming.
Sometimes this search for love makes a girl wander through dozens of countries, hundreds of "Sorry, but you are not the One-speeches" and thousands of more or less embarrassing situations. This journey leaves us looking for more and makes us love our Mister Big even more when in the end, we finally meet him.

Nevertheless, don't forget to enjoy your search, it might be the only chance you have, before you'll never be able to do all the crazy things you got on your "All-I-wanted-to-do-before-I-find-Him-list".

Xoxo, enjoy your search!