Jul 24, 2013

Málaga Shopping

Remember my little trip to Málaga a few weeks ago? And of course I didn't leave Málaga without doing some serious shopping. Because Spanish women are crazy about dressing up, and basically looking perfect at all times, there are make-up stores and drugstores at every corner. I guess you can imagine what that meant for me. I really had to restrain myself not to buy everything that caught my eye. There where so many colors and textures and different effect polishes that I really didn't know how to decide which ones to buy.

Here are the ones I finally decided upon. There's one "Mirror" nail polish, a "Sugar Matte" polish in salmon pink, two bottles of beads for the "Caviar" effect and a bottle of plain green polish.

So far, I've only worn the "Mirror" nail lacquer, which is a nice bluish anthracite. It looked really nice and very shiny when I first painted my nails - and it dried very fast, too, but after half a day of shopping and cooking dinner it already started chipping. Although that's a bit disappointing I think it's perfect for nights out.

Xoxo, what do you think of this new "Mirror" effect nail polish? Have you tried one yet?

Jul 17, 2013

Outfit Interview

I had an interview for the position as Front Desk Manager at a big international company yesterday and I thought I'd show you my outfit. Apparently they liked it (and me) as I already got an offer :D

What do you think? Would you have worn it differently?


Jul 10, 2013

Going South - Málaga & Córdoba

A couple of weeks ago I went on a trip to Málaga visiting my cousin, who spent an exchange semester there.
Málaga, in the very South of Spain and on the Costa del Sol is an amazing mediterranean little city, where everything is just a few minutes on foot. They've got two amazing palaces on a hill on the far side of the city, a beautiful cathedral and lots of wonderful shops.

Here are a few impressions of Málaga and Córdoba, where we spent a beautiful day wandering the city and sightseeing:

1 the harbor of Málaga 2 olive plantation 3 patio of the Mezquita de Córdoba 4 Plaza de Torros in Málaga 5&6 gardens in Málaga

1 overview of Málaga 2 patio in Córdoba 3&4 palaces in Córdoba 5 beach of Torremolinos

Where are you going this summer? Anything planned?

Xoxo, enjoy your holidays!!

Jul 3, 2013

What I'm reading

Over the last weeks I've been reading two books, that have been on my To-Read-List for months now. Two books that couldn't differ more. Two books that are miraculously part of the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge, too. The first one is "The Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson, the other one "Gone with the wind" by Margaret Mitchell, which has been made into the same-named all-time classic movie.

"The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America" is a 2003 non-fiction book by Erik Larson presented in a novelistic style so thrilling, that you almost can't put it down. The book is based on real characters and events. Adapted from source

"Gone with the Wind", an epic novel about life in the Southern States of the US during the Civil War. It follows Scarlett O'Hara, a Southern Belle, who pines after - what she thinks is - the love of her life, after he marries another girl. The book describes the events in her life and the Civil War in very colorful terms and pictures.

All in all, both books are very interesting, thrilling and informative and you feel you can't put them down. In "The Devil in the White City" some parts are nothing for highly sensitive people, but these are the parts that make the story thrilling.

I could only recommend to read both books, as they are stories everyone should have read in their lives.

What other books would you recommend everyone should read? Why?

Xoxo, enjoy the summer and read on!