Nov 15, 2012

Being Single

Here's another nice guest blog of my dear friend Bernhard. Hope you enjoy it!

Being Single
If you are single you want to be in a relationship and if you are in a relationship you sometimes wish being single again - we all know that feeling. The worst thing that could happen is that you always wish you were single. Because if you do think that way something is not right with you and your partner.
But is being single so bad? Is the idea of living your own life - and even if it is just for a few months - really that crazy? If your partner always says what you shouldn't do and what he doesn't want you to be then I think it is not a bad idea at all. The point of being in a relationship is loving the person next to you with all their flaws and even if it gets rough you want to figure something out together.
I am telling you now: If you have ideas of your life and someone wants to hold you back then please leave before you regret it. It will hurt but if you finally reach what you were looking for - is it a job or a country you want to live in - then you can still settle down.
I am 21 years old and want to see things, i feel like i could move mountains when i think of other cities. So now I am free - once again, but i don't regret it because i know i have dreams and if being single is the key to move on I am willing to let go of my relationship.
We have only one life - we shouldn't waste it with thoughts like: Why didn't I do that?
We should say - I learned from that experience and it was worth it!

Xoxo, enjoy your life and do whatever you feel is right!

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