Feb 12, 2014

Top 10 favorite websites

1. Pinterest - probably the website I use most after Blogger
2. checkfelix - my favorite website to search for and compare flights
3. freerice.com - a website where you can donate rice by answering questions, which I have described here
4. bookrix.de -  thousands of books - classics, new releases, fanfictions & bestsellers can be read and downloaded
5. picmonkey.com - a very easy tool to edit your pictures or make collages for free
6. Blog-Zug.com - a community for bloggers and people who are interested in blogs
7. Upjers.com - the host of my favorite browser game My Free Farm
(which I'm absolutely addicted to, I have to admit ;)
8. StumbleUpon.com - if you've got hours and hours to waste, that's the website to spend them on
9. orf.at - the local news site
10. dict.cc - to help me translate whenever I'm at a loss for words

Tell me, which are your favorite websites? What sites do you spend a lot of time on?

Xoxo, happy surfing! :)

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