Jun 18, 2014

20 ways to reduce waste

Every minute, one million of plastic bags is used worldwide. That makes 60 millions an hour and about 1,4 billions of plastic carrier bags a day that are only used once and take 1000 years to degrade. source & source

Another nice fact I found online is this one: If every starbucks customer used reusable coffee mugs, this would save as much water in producing disposable mugs as is needed to supply LA with water for 8 days.

1. Bring your own carrier bag when you go shopping
2. Reuse carrier bags
3. Buy food in bigger units, e.g. 2 liters of milk in one instead of 4 half liter bottles
4. Buy water or other drinks in glass bottles
5. When storing food in the fridge/freezer use reusable containers instead of plastic bags
6. Buy products in reusable/recyclable packaging
7. Use reusable coffee mugs
8. Use tab water instead of bottled water
9. Use reusable drinking bottles
10. Only buy what you really need
11. Buy products with little packaging
12. Cancel unwanted mail
13. Don't throw paper and envelopes away, use them as scrap paper or to make shopping lists on
14. Reuse carrier bags as bin bags
15. Reuse jars and pots as small containers
16. Compost food waste and yard waste - makes a perfect fertilizer for plants and garden
17. Donate unwanted clothes and items to second-hand stores
18. Buy products made out of recycled materials
19. Use reusable dishware when having a party/barbecue
20. Use rechargable batteries

You will find many more ways to reduce waste on these websites:
- Rethink Recycling
- Pedal people - Ways to reduce waste
- Recycling Guide

I hope, this list inspired you to change a few things!

Xoxo, have a nice week!

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