Mar 13, 2015


My visa has been approved and I will be flying over to the States next week. I am sooo excited!

Now it's time to start packing and deciding on what to take with me and what to leave behind. I am positive that this won't be too hard as there are so many amazing shops in the US that we don't have in Europe, so I will just "have" to go shopping to compensate. ;)

I am so excited about this opportunity to live a few months in the country of Carrie Bradshaw, Hollywood, Modern Family, Disneyland, Rory Gilmore, the Grand Canyon, James Dean, superlatives, Hawaii, Baywatch and sooooo many other things that burst into my head when I think of the US. Sorry for all the clichés, I know there is far more to a country than TV shows and a few land marks.

I'll try and let you know how everything is going, but I'm afraid that I'll only be able to post infrequently as there is so much new stuff I have to explore, find out and get used to.

Xoxo, wish me luck! ;)

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