Feb 28, 2012

Working Woman

How do woman fit all their to-do‘s in just 24 hours? How do they always look perfectly styled, have their private life in order, get their laundry done, clean their appartment properly, keep their body in shape and have some free time to meet their friends, go to the movies or enjoy their hobbies? These women seem like super woman to me.

As I recently started working full time - it‘s just an internship so an end is in sight, thank god ;) - I haven‘t had any free time at all. All I do is get up in the morning, go to work and come back in the evening. I am glad if I have enough time to cook myself a decent dinner, read my mail and, if I am really fast doing these things, read a few pages of a novel or watch an episode of my favorite show.

But then, I remember dreaming of being an independent working woman, moving out from my parent‘s house, doing whatever I pleased to do, not having to do homework after I came home. Back then it seemed like the most desireable thing ever. But I hadn‘t experienced being a working woman yet and now I miss those carefree times, when I actually had the time to try out new hair-dos, paint my nails twice a week, play the Sims for hours and lie in front of the TV to watch all those Gossip Girl and Grey‘s Anatomy episodes.

Xoxo, enjoy whatever you are doing at the moment, you will miss it some day!

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