Feb 3, 2012


Today on the tube home from work I saw a couple in their sixties and almost immediately saw me and the guy I've been in love with for the last three years. Sitting there, talking, smiling at each other. The woman even let her eyes drift to her husband's lips sometimes as if she was fantasizing about kissing him.
This picture made me happy. Though I don't know if said guy and I will ever get back together... Long story short: we met at work and I was instantly drawn to him but never even imagined we'd eventually actually be together, so I kept admiring from afar. Then he left the company and we didn't have any contact for more than two years until he started texting me on facebook because as he said, he had never forgotten me. So after a few weeks we started dating and I was on cloud nine for quite some time, but unfortunately he had to move to another continent because of his work - only for two years, but still it wasn't the same anymore although I felt like he was my Mr. Big.
So although I don't know what's going to happen I always got my imagination and hope!

Xoxo, use your imagination to feel happy!

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