Jan 12, 2012

Be in Peace with Yourself

I got this book - Desiderata, a poem for a way of life.
Every day before going to bed I open it at a random page and read the rule for this day. Today it told me to "be in peace with myself". I started thinking about it. What does "being in peace with yourself" mean?

Does it mean I should be all well-balanced, don't have mood swings, never get angry and never losing my temper? - This really seems possible to me, and what about all the delicious chocolate I'd miss if I didn't have to face situations like that??
Or does it just mean that I should be ok with everything I ever did and will do? Like taking all the things I did as they are and not being embarrassed or frightened or angry about them anymore?

At first it seemed to me like my first answer sounded right, but then, after thinking longer about it, I realised that I couldn't think of anything more desireable as to be in peace with myself. Not to feel angry and confused about that one time, I broke up with this one boyfriend because it felt right at that time, but then I couldn't forget him for a very long time. Or this other situation, when I was so embarrassed because someone found out I had a crush on that totally uncool singer, which felt so right to me, but obviously everyone else didn't think so...
And then I realised, I wouldn't be the person I am now if I hadn't had all those moments!

Xoxo, I hope you will be in peace with yourself some time soon!

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