Dec 31, 2012

NY Resolution: Finding Mr. Big

Only a few more hours to go and we'll be celebrating a brand new year. Now everyone's thinking about how they will improve their lives through their New Year resolutions. This year I've made a resolution, that's slightly different to the ones I've made the last years. This year I'm set on finding my Mr. Big, my Prince Charming, my other person.

I'm sure, you're smiling at my foolishness right now. Smirking, how I could be as foolish as to think that I can just decide that I  want to meet Mr. Right this year and it's actually going to happen. Well, I've always thought the same, but I've been reading a new book - The Secret - lately, and the author claims that it is possible to get everything you ever wanted - happiness, wealth, love... All you need to do is to control your thoughts. They say, that your thoughts become things. That means that you only need to think about and imagine the things you want to happen. For example, imagine how it will feel or what you will do when your wish comes true. And, never, ever think about not getting what you wish for...

In light of this I wish you all a very happy New Year and that all your wishes may come true in 2013!


  1. huhu, zu der Frage wegen den animierten Bildern :)
    du brauchst lediglich ein Bild mit .gif Endung.
    Während du einen Post schreibst, lädst du es einfach über Blogger hoch und veröffentlichst deinen Post. Eigentlich müsste sich das Bild dann bewegen :)
    Falls du noch eine Frage haben solltest, kannst du sie mir ja schreiben^^

  2. Mr. Big will find you n' sweep you off your feet!

    1. Thanks! That's what I am dreaming of all the time :)


  3. Best wishes to find your Mr. Big this year! Wow my english is soo bad that i can't write a nicer comment to you :o! Anyway I understood what you wrote, thats something like a miracle! :D

    Greetings from Germay,Eva
    And please excuse my english.. :)

    1. Thanks.. but no worries, your English is very good as far as I'm concerned ;)


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