Feb 1, 2013

Romance on demand

As I am currently on my own (=single), I've got a lot of time to dream about Mr. Right,  but also to watch quite a few TV shows. The last few weeks I've been watching North and South with Patrick Swayze and Downton Abbey. And now I wish Mr. Bates and Orry Main would be real. They are just the most romantic and attentive gentlemen I know. They always seem to know the right thing to say and do, they never do anything that could break a woman's heart. They'd wait years to finally be with their love and never even look at another woman in the meantime. And, on top of all that, they even look good - Patrick Swayze, at least. I'm not really sure about Mr. Bates, but I think that all the attentiveness makes him more attractive, don't you? Or maybe it's the time difference? I think that like a decade ago, you dedicated yourself to someone and that was it. There was no getting cold feet or changing your mind. You either loved the person right from the beginning or you didn't - end of the story.

Also, as I can't watch TV all the time (because even that gets boring after some time), I've been reading a lot, too. At first, I've been reading a few books I've had lying around forever, but then I started on a really nice book I got for Christmas - Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery. And tell you what, it was just so nice to read a light, funny and romantic book. I had it finished in about two days because I was so anxious to know how the story would continue and if the main characters would be together in the end.

Xoxo, enjoy being carried away by all the love and romance on TV!

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