May 14, 2014

New addiction and pure deliciousness

screenshot of 2048
2048. Have you heard about it? It's a new online game, which is so addictive, that I only had to play it twice before it had me hooked.

Basically, all you do is move tiles in order to merge them. For example, if two 2-tiles touch, they will merge into a 4-tile. This goes on until you have a 2048-tile (hence the name ;).
Until now, I haven't been able to achieve that, but I had a 1024-tile twice already.

This game has been a revelation for me. I have been so bored with the usual stuff I spend my time on the internet with, that I happily let myself be infected by this game.

If you want to give it a try, here's the link:

sorry for the quality, but I couldn't resist long enough
to get the camera

Also, last week I made a few variations to a recipe I found on pinterest. I named them chocolate-marmalade croissants. Here's the link to the recipe.

I simply added some apricot jam to the chocolate spread in order to make it taste a bit more fruity. And they did taste heavenly - a little chocolaty, but also fruity and a little ! I almost ate all of them at once.

Also, they are super-quick to make, so if you get visitors on short notice, try making these! I'm sure your visitors'll love them!

Xoxo, have a great week!

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