May 21, 2014

What NOT to have in your cosmetics

Today I have another post for your health, in terms of which cosmetis to use and not use.
I have found this picture on Pinterest and it made me think and check my cosmetics for toxic ingredients.
I got to say, most of my cosmetics - which I mainly use because they are working very well - actually contained a few of the toxics mentioned.

I have not had the time to go shopping for surrogates, but I am planning to do so this weekend.

The ones in my picture are only a few of the toxic chemicals used in cosmetics, but there are many websites and articles about this topic.
For example, this website (The campaign for safe cosmetics) has a list of toxic chemicals to be concerned of. And the David Suzuki Foundation has also listed a lot of toxics to avoid.

I hope, this'll open your eyes a little - as it did to me - and make your live a healthier one.

Xoxo, until next week!

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  1. very interesting post ;9 i like the idea behind it ;D
    allerliebste Grüße
    deine Limi ♥


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