Jul 2, 2014

Pinterest Favorites: Summer Investments

Summer's in full swing and I've been dreaming of wonderful, wonderful things that I'd invest in if I had a little (or a lot) more money to fling away. Unfortunately I've just bought a car, so I don't really have too much spare money right now. Anyway, one can always dream, right?

I'm dreaming of spending hot summer days on an elegant yacht, reading lots of books in my very own tree house and watching the hot life guards from my beach lounger right on the waterfront. At night, I'd like to dance, chat and sip champagne - all dressed up in insanely expensive, fabulous chiffon gowns.
sources: yacht - beach lounger - tree house

sources: white gown - red gown

What are you dreaming of this summer?

Xoxo, have a great summer!! Enjoy the sun, heat, beach, holidays...!!


  1. Beautiful dreams you have, we also would like these things. :)
    An airplane would be great too. ;-)

    Kiss, Selina & Olivia, The RedViolet


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