Jul 30, 2014

20 ways to reduce CO2 emission

All over the world there are roughly 33 billions tons of carbon dioxide emitted every year. More than half of said amount is produced in China (23%), the US (19%) and the 27 countries in the European Union (17%). source and source
Although a lot is produced by industry, the biggest part - around a quarter of the overall CO2 emission - is released during energy production. Compared to these the transportation sector's emissions may seem small, but in this sector almost all the energy is produced by using fossil fuels, so there is a big opportunity there to reduce emissions. source

In the following I compiled 20 easy ways and opportunities to reduce your personal carbon foot print.

1. Walk or take your bike whenever it's possible
2. Use public transport
3. Go by train instead of flying, if possible
4. Buy electric cars
5. Use car sharing platforms
6. If your car is very old, invest in a new car that doesn't need as much fuel
7. Take vacations close to where you live
8. Combine trips, e.g. shop at stores on the same route
9. If possible, work from home
10. Buy local food and reduce food miles - visit this website to calculate food miles
11. Grow your own food - there are quite a few herbs, vegetables and fruits that are very easy to grow
12. Don't waste food
13. Eat less red meat - for more information read this article by The Guardian
14. Use renewable energy like sun or wind power
15. Cut back on your energy use and reduce waste
16. Plant trees
17. Buy carbon credits which will be used to make up for the CO2 you couldn't avoid producing
18. Recycle as much as possible
19. Send e-mails rather than actual letters
20. Read newspapers and journals online

I really do hope that everybody takes up this opportunity and picks one or two of the options above to actively do something against the ongoing climate change. I'd love to hear which ones you picked and how it worked out.

Xoxo, have a wonderful week!


  1. I actually do a lot of these things, but there's always ways to be even more aware. :) Nice post.

    1. You are so right - I used to think I did a lot already, but when I did some research I realized that what I already do are just fragments of all the possibilities...

  2. great recommendations! valuable post!
    kisses and wish you a wonderful week!

  3. A good and important post. *thumbs up*
    There are always ways to improve our behaviour.

    Have a nice day :)


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