Aug 6, 2014


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In light of recent events in my life I've been doing some thinking on the subject of jealousy. And I asked myself: What is it that makes people jealous?
Is it the fear of losing someone, or the feeling of simply not wanting to share a person that's special to you with someone else? Is it the fear of the other person getting more important and - consequently - you getting less important and less attention?
Personally, I belive that it depends on the situation and mostly is a mixture of all the reasons stated.

Also, how does it start? Does it always start with the same situation? For me, sometimes it's the mere thought of that other person that makes me go nervous and queasy from one second to the other. And sometimes it takes a little more, like an affectionate mentioning or anecdote that you get to hear.

I guess, everyone has at least one person they're occasionally jealous of. It might beyour boyfriend's ex-girlfriend or your grandma's favorite grandchild.

Do you ever have feelings like that? In which situations do you react too sensitive? And what do you do to snap back out of it?

Xoxo, have a great week!

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