Dec 4, 2014

60 15 - Month No. 2

I am so sorry for not posting at all during November, but I have started university again this semester, while still working full time, so it has been quite stressful with the first examinations taking place and all.

Anyhow, in November I managed to go 12 days without using my car and only now have I finished up the first half bottle of shampoo that I'd had in use already when the challenge started. So much for living sustainable...

As for the other tasks: I have read the novel Hothouse Flower by Lucinda Riley, which I can only recommend to you, because it's such a great story about two families and how it's been interwoven for more than a century. Also, my boyfriend ordered himself a few classic children's books, because he finally wanted to read them, so I read Alice in Wonderland to tick off the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.

Through coincidence I got to tick off task no. 58, because my aunt got herself a new dressing gown, which she gave to me because she didn't like it after all.

During last week, I've been meditating a lot, because I feel like I'll need to be calmer and not get upset so easily when the new year comes around. There are a few possibilities and options that might become real, which will bring big changes to my life. I will tell you more about it, once it's decided.

For now I'm in full christmas mode, decorating, buying presents and simply enjoying this magnificent time of the year!

Xoxo, I hope, you are having as much fun as I am having!

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