Feb 4, 2015

USA - here I come!

Great changes are taking place this year! We’re moving to the US - only for a year, but I am sooo excited already and it’s getting more exciting by the hour :)

It’s been a blur of organizing stuff and getting ready for our first trip to the states before we actually move here in March. We are here in – not so sunny (for the time being) – California right now, finding an apartment, setting up bank accounts and all sorts of other stuff that has to be done.

Because of all that I haven’t been able to spend too much time on the 60 tasks  15 months challenge. However, my mum treated me to brunch during our Christmas holidays, so that starts off tasks no. 17.  The same goes for task no. 38, because I sorted through my nail polish collection and managed to throw out one bottle of nail polish and am planning on using up more. Although I didn’t have too much time, I read 5 books during the holidays and went to the beach last weekend.

Unfortunately, as we are going to the US I will not be able to go on with my university studies, so I will have to change the tasks related to that. I am also afraid, that I won’t be able to follow through with task no. 36, because I don’t think I can go so many days without using a car once we are in the US.

Anyway, I am excited and thrilled about this opportunity – I always wanted to live in the US for a while – and determined to make the very best of this year!

Xoxo, have a great w

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