Jun 29, 2012

Love or Truth?

My dear B is asking himself - Is his relationship strong enough to take what he's about to do?

Love or Truth?
It's come to the point where I have to decide telling the love of my probably whole life that i might move to another city. He doesn't know that I applied for the job and I know that he wouldn't want me to accept it because we gave ourselves a second change. I mean it's not even for sure that I am moving but should I tell him? Or is it better to enjoy the time I have with him? I couldn't help but wonder - Is it sometimes better to not tell the truth when it's not even sure you do something in the future? Or should you tell him- get into a fight with him and if u don't get the job be happy?

Xoxo, let us know, have you ever been in a situation like that?


  1. Hi sweetie
    It's hard but if you tell him and the job is not that far you might can make it work if not probably he wasn't for you. Don't you agree? Sometimes this situations can be hard but maybe your relationship can be stronger after this.
    Kisses Laia

  2. Why would you fight if you tell him? Just tell him the truth, that you applied for another job. It doesn't guarantee you are leaving. Remember, the truth is always the best way to go. And if you will get into a fight because of that, maybe he really isn't for you.

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