Aug 28, 2013

11 things that make a great life

1. Being loved by your friends and family. I'm not talking about the occasional phone call from your mum asking how you were, but being supported in everything you do - even if it is a stupid idea.

2. Living in a secure and stable society.

3. Having a group of friends that fit you just right. Friends, that are funny and childish when needed, friends that take you back down to earth when you're too high up in the clouds and help you get up when you fell.

4. Being free to do whatever you like e.g. travelling, saying what you want, reading what you like - I guess you get the picture here.

5. Having financial security. I'm not talking about having millions in your bank account, but having a secure job and a little money saved - maybe even a boring, little pension plan.

6. Being able to enjoy hobbies you like in terms of having enough spare time and money - and friends.

7. Having enough to eat - whenever you like - and only having to "starve" because you want to or because you were to lazy to go grocery shopping.

8. Living in a healthy, unstinking and clean environment.

9. Having a job you don't absolutely detest, that pays the bills and where you've got nice colleagues.

10. Knowing that whatever it is you are doing - either at work or at home - isn't useless but has an impact, somewhere. Seriously, everything I can think of makes a useful impact somehow - just think about the butterfly effect.

11. Not having to work or live close to people you hate - or, if you have to work or live with them, learning to be at peace with yourself and the people around you.

What else would you
count as an important part for a great life?

Xoxo, enjoy your life!

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