Mar 5, 2014

In need of motivation

I'm in need of motivation - motivation for my job, motivation for my DIYs, motivation to not let myself drag my bad mood with me. To not being so lazy and just going with the flow, but to make myself feel better by watching the right kind of movies, listening to some feel-good music or just reading a good book. Instead, I'm just spending my days reading stupid stuff on random websites

You know how you feel like you've got a cloud in your head and your brain's just too slow to think properly? That's how I feel today. This may sound as I've got a serious depression, but actually it's just a lack of motivation that's been going on for a few weeks now.

I am trying to motivate myself by reading motivational quotes and wise sayings and getting some little things done in order to feel like I've already accomplished something today. However, I feel like I need to find something that'll get me all excited and occupied for some time.

Do you sometimes have that same feeling, this lack of motivation? What do you do if this happens to you? How do you get yourself motivated again?

Xoxo, curious to hear about your experiences!

PS: I felt a little better once I had finished this post. I believe, because first I had accomplished something and second I used to write a journal every time I felt sad or depressed to help me feel better when I was younger.

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