Mar 26, 2014

Writing a novel

I've always dreamt about writing a book. I knew it should be a novel, a cheesy, romantic novel with a big happy ending. I never wanted to write a scientific report, or a non fiction book. If I ever wrote a book, it would be a fictional love story - mainly because I love reading them myself.

Ever since I discovered this genre for myself I've admired Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jill Mansell for their stories. They are all so different, as if written by different authors. However, the writing style - which I really like - remains the same. These two women have written over 50 novels and are both still working on new ones.

My plan was or still is to some day write a novel as amazing as theirs, and then use the earnings to finance my life. Until today I have made one or two attempts on writing, but unfortunately I haven't been creative and persistent enough to even finish a short story. Maybe, just maybe I will start a new attempt this summer and hopefully even finish what I started. I know I won't write a full 400 pages novel right away, but it would be a huge success if I finished a short story.

No matter if I ever write a book or not, it's nice to have something to dream about and to work towards.

Have you ever had or still have a dream like that? What are your dreams?

Xoxo, have a nice week!

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  1. I have the same problem. I cannot finish any story. But I stick to it even if it takes time.



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