Mar 12, 2014

Vacation wishlist

With spring fast approaching, it's time to think about where to travel for vacation. During winter I've been dreaming of going somewhere warm like Hawaii, Thailand, Greece, Vanuatu or Italy. I know I won't actually be going to Hawaii or Vanuatu this year, but there's always room for dreaming, right?
Hawaii source - Thailand source - Vanuatu source
Now that spring is actually here, I feel like I want to take at least one little sight seeing trip too and explore London or New York City - or maybe even both ;)
London source - New York City source
London has been one of my favorite cities ever since I've lived there for about three months when I was 16. It's such an amazing, fascinating metropolis with so much to do and explore. There is such a broad variety of shops, theatres, restaurants and museums, which gives you something new to discover every time you get there - no matter how many times you've already been there.

And New York - Sex and the City has been my city guide. I haven't yet made it to New York, but I'm curious and can't wait to visit the Big Apple.

Where would you like to go to this year?

Xoxo, have a nice first week of spring!

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